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How do I sell my embroidery & cross-stitch artwork here?

"Goblenar" is a very popular European online cross-stitch and embroidery marketplace, where you can easily publish and sell your favourite artwork worldwide.

Cross-stitch to order

Using modern technologies and Internet, it is now easier than ever to connect people with similar interests around the world. Goblenar now offers the opportunity to all our registered users to enable the cross-stitch to order service from their profile pages. Only users with this option enabled will be able to respond and send offers to these types of enquiries.

To be able to offer the cross-stitch to order service, you must have at least one item added for sale!

  • Active Users: 2830
  • Professionals: 1331
  • Items for Sale: 4213
  • Categories: 14

Hire a cross-stitcher online

Looking for professional Cross-stitch experts to work with?

Our site can help you find an experienced tapestrier who can do this for you.

Recently added items for sale

Изкупувате ли гоблени?
Are you a direct buyer or representative?

This is probably one of our most frequently asked questions, and understandably so! Goblenar is a global cross-stitch marketplace where anyone can add their artwork for sale. With a wide selection of products and excellent customer care, we are proud to have happy customers from all around the world.

Please note that we neither buy or sell any type of artwork. This is only a paid listing website but has a good reach, especially in Europe.

Плаща ли се нещо при продажба?
Do I have to pay commission if I sell or buy?

No. As mentioned, we are not a financial intermediary between sellers and buyers, so there is no commission after a transaction is completed.

All direct messages are sent in an automated way via an encrypted connection and we have no information about when and how transactions were made.

The only thing that you would need in order to add items for sale on Goblenar are electronic credits.